Nuclear technology

Energy solutions for the future
We actively shape the energy transition

Our transition from fossil fuels and nuclear fuels to renewable energies requires us to rethink our energy supply for present and future generations.

Starting with the setting up of renewable energy generation plants to their running operation, post-operation and residual operation of large-scale power plants and their decommissioning, specific expertise in these individual areas is indispensable.

Stadler + Schaaf has taken on this task. Our qualified specialist and management team is at your disposal for servicing and retrofitting during operation, post-operation and residual operation, as well as for planning of decommissioning and dismantling.

Our services include planning, projecting, executing, commissioning and servicing.


  • Systems engineering
  • Engineering
  • Mechanics
  • Installation


Nuclear Services

  • Mechanical maintenance according to DIN 31051 during operations or revisions
  • Service staff for CASTOR┬« loading and handling, reactor floor, NSSC crane driver



  • Implementation of retrofit projects in the field of plant construction, as new fitting or conversion


Post and residual operation

  • Projects for the production of adapted and self-sufficient residual operating systems
  • Takeover of operating equipment (outsourcing)



  • Projects for dismantling of systems and buildings as well as for decontamination and waste treatment