Energy lab 2.0 at the KIT: Construction of an experimental field for the analysis of the future power supply network

In collaboration with the KIT, employees of Stadler + Schaaf have been working for three years on an experimental field for the analysis of the future power supply network.

The background for the switchgear can be seen in the energy turnaround in Germany and worldwide. Alternative energy generation (wind power, photovoltaics, etc.) has become a major topic in public. However, the transport system of electrical energy (interconnected grid), i.e. how the energy gets to the consumer, must also be re-evaluated.

In doing so, questions need to be addressed, such as:
How does the energy grid react to the increasing number of new types of consumers and producers, e.g., battery systems and their charging controls, photovoltaic systems or the charging infrastructure for e-mobility?

For researching these and similar questions concerning the possible future interconnected grid, the KIT provides international scientists and companies with an experimental field planned by Stadler + Schaaf.

The field consists of 30 AC cabinets with four rail systems each. Electrical consumers (e.g. a lamp, a TV set) and generators (e.g. a power plant, a solar cell) of different power classes can be connected to each rail system. Special coupling elements allow the connected consumers and generators to be interconnected in order to simulate different cases of  loading of the power grid.

The built-in measuring systems are able to record high-resolution data of the voltage and current course and thus provide valuable basic data for understanding the grid systems.

The great added value of this facility lies in its indepence from the existing supply network. All experiments can be carried out in a realistic environment without burdening the existing supply grid of a community or city or jeopardizing its availability.

All control cabinets have now been delivered and installed on site, necessary cabling work has been completed. Further commissioning of the plant will be carried out by the KIT.


Further information on the energy lab  2.0 can be found here.

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Pic 1 – AC cabinets manufactured at the Offenbach site