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We at Stadler + Schaaf have been working with national and international clients from various industrial sectors and regions for more than 35 years now.

We support them with electrical, instrumentation and control equipment as well as automation systems for the safe, reliable and economical operation of their plants in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

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Many years of experience
Experience in many industry sectors
Stadle + Schaaf - Branche Icon - Machines & Systems:
Machines & Systems
From concept to commissioning for various plants in the process and manufacturing industry
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Stadle + Schaaf - Branche Icon - Water & Waste Water:
Water & Waste Water
Versatile solutions for water and wastewater technologies
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Stadle + Schaaf - Branche Icon - Chemicals & Petrochemicals:
Chemicals & Petrochemicals
Major chemical and petrochemical companies are among our customer base
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Stadle + Schaaf - Branche Icon - Automotive:
Full-service solutions for the automotive industry
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Stadle + Schaaf - Branche Icon - Pharma & Biotechnology:
Pharma & Biotechnology
Comprehensive solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in line with GMP
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Stadle + Schaaf - Branche Icon - Foods & Beverages:
Foods & Beverages
Future-proof solutions for the safe and effective operation of plants in the food and beverage industry
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Stadle + Schaaf - Branche Icon - Energy & Environment:
Energy & Environment
Whether it relates to conventional or renewable energies...
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Stadle + Schaaf - Branche Icon - Paper & Pulp:
Paper & Pulp
Your reliable partner for the paper and pulp industry
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Stadle + Schaaf - Branche Icon - Oil & Gas:
Oil & Gas
From energy transition to new technologies.
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Stadler + Schaaf has many years of experience working in a wide range of industries. We have specialists who always find the best solutions for complex customer requirements that cross disciplines as well as industrial sectors.

We support our customers with electrical, instrumentation and control equipment as well as automation systems for the safe, reliable and economical operation of their plants in Germany, Europe and worldwide. We are reliable, competent and flexible.


A number of our successful projects
Engineering, I&C technology, control cabinet assembly, installation Automation, I&C technology, installation Engineering, automation, I&C technology, control cabinet assembly, installation Industrial IT, automation Industrial IT, Automation Control cabinet assembly Engineering Automation Automation, I&C technology Automation, industrial IT, control cabinet construction

Production of diagnostic and control substances

Electrical engineering, I&C and control engineering for a new plant producing diagnostic and control materials for the pharmaceuticals industry

Retrofitting in chipboard manufacturing

Retrofitting of a wood processing plant in France. The existing S5 controllers have been replaced by new S7-400 controllers. During the 5-month installation and commissioning period, we continued to carry out optimisations and renewals in various parts of the plant.

BMS (Building Management System) under regulated conditions (GMP)

A renowned pharmaceutical company is constructing a new biopharmaceutical production plant for active ingredients produced using cell cultures.

Remote maintenance server

Construction of a remote maintenance server for the remote control, software maintenance, and data collection of currently 14 biogas infeed systems in all of Northern Germany for an energy supplier.

Automatic reporting for downtimes

Recording of downtimes and causes of malfunctions

SLAM shipping unit

Construction of control cabinets and small distributors for a renowned logistics company

Converter production line

Construction of a complete production line for converter production for automated manual transmissions in vehicles for a renowned, international automotive company.

GSK Vaccines GmbH

With an investment volume of €162 million, GSK is expanding its vaccine product range at its Marburg site by building a new plant for producing a further component of the meningococcal B vaccine.

Biogas feeding plant

Electrical and control technology for the construction of several biogas feeding, measuring and conditioning plants with a flow rate of approx. 300 Nm3/h.

Migration of a Siemens PCS 7 plant

Migration of a Siemens PCS 7 plant in the chemical industry
Server cabinets, network technology, control devices and systems for a plant producing chemical intermediates in Ludwigshafen / D.


We are always close to our customers
26 locations in Germany and Austria
  • Essen

    Paul-Klinger-Str. 1
    45127 Essen

  • Böblingen

    Steinmäuerleweg 2
    71034 Böblingen

  • Wörth

    Daimlerstraße 1
    D-76744 Wörth

  • Kuppenheim

    Bahnhofstraße 6
    D-76456 Kuppenheim
    +49 72221 597201

  • Leopoldshafen

    Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1
    D-76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen
    +49 7247 20896 - 99

  • Burghausen

    c/o Wacker Chemie
    Johannes-Hess-Straße 24
    D-84489 Burghausen
    +49 8677 91791-10

  • Gaggenau

    c/o Daimler AG
    Hauptstraße 72
    D-76571 Gaggenau
    +49 7225 9824-15

  • Ludwigshafen

    c/o BASF SE
    Carl-Bosch-Straße 38
    D-67056 Ludwigshafen
    +49 62167024-22

  • Schwarzheide

    c/o BASF Schwarzheide GmbH
    Schipkauer Str. 1
    D-01987 Schwarzheide
    +49 35752-63349

  • Sulingen

    c/o ExxonMobil Production
    Voigtei 69
    D-31595 Steyerberg
    +49 5769 9742

  • Brunsbüttel

    Koogstraße 97
    D-25541 Brunsbüttel
    +49 4852 83566-0

  • Berlin

    Landsberger Straße 221
    D-12623 Berlin
    +49 30 48470 26-14

  • Leipzig

    Hamburger Straße 9
    D-04129 Leipzig
    +49 341 200980-00

  • Zwenkau

    Spenglerallee 7-9
    D-04442 Zwenkau
    +49 34203 5530-50

  • Leuna

    Am Haupttor/Gebäude 4614
    D-06237 Leuna
    +49 3461 4369-80

  • Iphofen

    Alte Reichsstraße 27
    D-97346 Iphofen
    +49 9323 8735-0

  • Neustadt a. d. Donau

    Raffineriestraße 100
    D-93333 Neustadt/Donau
    +49 9445 20542-13

  • Mannheim

    Besselstraße 9
    D-68219 Mannheim
    +49 621 87807-0

  • Karlsruhe

    Essostraße 16
    D-76187 Karlsruhe
    +49 721 982372-00

  • Karlsruhe

    Nördliche Raffineriestraße 1
    D-76187 Karlsruhe
    +49 721 56-1439

  • Offenbach a. d. Queich

    Im Schlangengarten 20
    D-76877 Offenbach/Queich
    +49 6348 611-0

  • Frankfurt

    Industriepark Höchst
    Gebäude C445
    D-65929 Frankfurt/Höchst
    +49 69 3003945-100

  • Marburg

    Schlosserstraße 8
    D-35009 Marburg
    +49 6421 590988-0

  • Köln

    Hansaring 68-70
    D-50670 Köln
    +49 221 126065-0

  • Langkampfen

    Sportplatzweg 1
    A-6336 Langkampfen
    +43 5332 81-990

  • Emstek

    Europa-Allee 5
    D-49685 Emstek
    +49 4473 9265-610

  • Bremen

    Oppenheimerstraße 21
    D-28307 Bremen
    +49 421 2762699-0

  • Hamburg

    Großmoorbogen 9
    D-21079 Hamburg
    +49 40 30954 95-500


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