Plant engineering

Core competencies with a broad service package
Individual solutions for your requirements

Whether it be plant availability, process efficiency or the introduction and optimisation of management systems, we have extensive expertise and provide our customers with such resources in a wide-ranging service package.

In the area of basic engineering we support you from defining procedural conditions, installation planning of equipment and machines to the routing of major pipelines. In detail engineering we specify and detail data on construction, devices and machines, electrical systems, control engineering and pipelines.



To ensure our clients are always up to date, we keep them regularly informed about the work in progress. A detailed cost estimate and a complete schedule are an additional guarantee for the successful realisation of projects. In addition, we also support our customers in preparing the necessary official documents for the approval procedure.

Our experienced employees work interdisciplinary and handle projects in a structured and timely manner. In the form of work packages it is determined whether projects are realised jointly or completely independently


  • Automation
  • Energy supply
  • Engineering
  • Control cabinet assembly
  • Digital Solutions
  • Intralogistics
  • Installation
  • Robotics


  • Process (including simulation)
  • Masses and energy balances
  • R&I flowcharts
  • Process Engineering design
  • Plant layout
  • Foundation planning (including statics)
  • Steel construction planning
  • Pipe planning (including stress calculation
  • Mounting design
  • Scanning technology